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CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - is a talking (cognitive) and doing (behavioural) therapy.

It is essentially a collaborative therapy. That means that you have a co-equal status with the therapist/coach. Initially, the status is somewhat less on the side of the client so that you can get started. As your therapy progresses, and you taste the beneficial changes that occur as your thinking and feelings change, you will also see the effects of the therapy because you will increase your power to help yourself by doing things differently and more effectively. It is as simple as that. As your confidence in being able to attain your goals increases, other people will notice, and comment that you are achieving the change you need and desire. Eventually you will be able to take care of yourself, you will in effect become your own therapist.

CBT is concerned with what you can think and do now, so that you can achieve your desired change without dwelling on, and over-analysing what happened in the past, as some other therapies tend to do in the hope of finding a solution. If there is something that is really keeping you stuck in the past, then there are CBT techniques to help so that you can move on.

CBT is the most researched therapy of all therapies, and regularly surpasses all others in scientific tests of efficacy. That is why CBT is used, almost exclusively, by the NHS, and strongly recommended by the government's NICE regulatory body.

At CBT-East we treat PRIVATELY and in confidence: mild to moderate depression, anxiety, panic, phobias including agoraphobia, anger, pain, social difficulties, overweight, senior troubles, effects of stress, abuse, unhelpful habits, OCD, Hoarding Disorder, ADD/ADHD in adults, grief issues, performance improvement, procrastination, P

Drew Holliman

•  Chronic Worrying
•  Panic

•  Phobia incl. Agoraphobia

•  Depression

•  Poor Sleep (Insomnia)

•  Trauma

•  Obsessional Behaviour (OCD)

•  Weight Reduction

•  Low Self-Esteem

•  Social Anxiety/Shyness

•  Addictive Behaviours

•  Compulsive Behaviours.
•  Complicated Grieving


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